Westinghouse 46" 120Hz 1080p LED HDTV EW46T4LZ User Guide

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OSD Menu
2. Sound menu
Sound Mode: Select your desired picture mode as
follow: Dynamic, Standard, Soft and User.
You may select the sound mode directly by pressing
the SOUND button on the remote control.
Bass: Low frequency intensity.
Treble: High frequency intensity.
Balance: Left and right stereo audio channels balance.
Surround Mode: Activate or deactivate the Surround function.
OSD Menu
Sound Settings: Press       button to enter the Sound Settings menu.
AVL: Activate or deactivate the Auto Volume Limited function.
Analog Sound: Select the Analog Sound mode between Stereo, Mono and SAP.
Digital Sound: Select the Digital Sound laguage.
Digital Audio Output: Select the Digital Audio Output mode between PCM, RAW and off.
Equalizer Settings: Press       button to enter the Equalizer Settings menu.
Use     /     button to select the item, and use     /     button
Use     /    button to select the mode between User, Off,
Rock, Pop and Jazz.
You could press      button to enter the bottom item to
adjust the equalizer bu yourself when you select
the User mode.
to adjust. You could come back to the Mode selecting
item by pressing       button.