Westinghouse 46" 120Hz 1080p LED HDTV EW46T4LZ User Guide

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OSD Menu
OSD Menu
English Rating: Select among: C, C8+, G, PG, 
14+ and 18+.
French Rating:  Select among: G, 8ans+, 
13ans+, 16ans+ and 18ans+.
Canada V-CHIP: Press       button to enter the Canada 
V-CHIP menu.
Block UnRated Show: Activate or deactivate the Block UnRated Show function.
Downloadable Rating: Setting the Downloadable Rating in DTV mode when the program
has the rating information.
Clear Downloadable Data: Clear the downloadable data of the TV.
Change password: Change the password, you must enter 
the new password twice to confirm it. 
Keypad Lock: Invalidate the buttons one the TV set.
Source Lock: Invalidate the source input you select.
Note: Do not forget the password.
Note:The two operations above only valid when playing the downloadable data stream.