Westinghouse 46" 120Hz 1080p LED HDTV EW46T4LZ User Guide

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Simple Troubleshooting
Simple Troubleshooting
If the TV has failed or its performance has seriously deteriorated, check the TV by using 
the following simple troubleshooting guide.
If you can not resolve the problem with this troubleshooting, please call Westinghouse 
Technical Support.
No power
- Check all power connections to the TV.
- Press either the power button or the Standby button on the Remote control.
No picture or sound
- Ensure that the TV is plugged in and the power is on.
- Ensure that the antenna is connected.
- Try a different program.
Poor picture quality
- Check the antenna connections.
- Check if the channel is tuned in properly.
- Adjust the picture settings: brightness, color, sharpness, contrast, or hue.
- Make sure that the TV is not located close to electrical appliances that may emit radio 
  frequency interference.
No color
- Adjust the color setting.
- Check if the program is color.
- Check if the cannel is tuned properly.
TV does not respond to remote control
- Check if no obstruction is between the remote control and the unit.
- Check if the remote control is within the range of operation.
- Check if the batteries in the remote control is weak or exhausted.
This TV is for household use and registered as harmless on electromagnetic waves.