Westinghouse 32" LED HDTV DW32H1G1 User Guide

Product codes
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High voltages are used in the operation of this television 
receiver. Do not 
the cabinet.  
Refer servicing to qualified service personnel.
To prevent fire or electrical shock hazard, do not expose  
the television receiver to rain or moisture.
Do not drop or push objects into the television cabinet  
slots or openings. Never spill any kind of liquid on the 
television receiver.
Do not block the ventilation holes on the back cover 
Adequate ventilation is essential to prevent failure of  
electrical components.
of the TV
Do not trap the power supply cord under the television 
receiver s 
' stand
Never stand on, lean on, or suddenly push the television or 
its stand. You should pay special attention to children. 
Serious  injury may result if it  falls.
Do not place your television on an unstable cart, stand, 
shelf or table. Serious injury to an individual and
to the television may result if it falls.
When the television receiver is  not  used for an 
extended period of  time, it is advisable to disconnect 
the AC power cord from the AC outlet.
Avoid exposing the television receiver to direct sunlight 
and  other sources of heat. Do not stand the television 
receiver  directly on other products which give off heat, 
e.g. video cassette players and audio amplifiers. Do not 
place naked  flame sources, such as lighted candles on 
the television. 
or near
If the television is to be built into a compartment or similar 
enclosure, the minimum distances must be maintained. Heat 
build-up can reduce the life of your television, and can also 
be dangerous.