Westinghouse 32" LED HDTV DWM32H1A1 Mode D'Emploi

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Table des matière des caractéristiques pour Westinghouse 32" LED HDTV DWM32H1A1

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    VGA(PC)Connection USB Port Function HDMI&Coaxial Connection USB Menu

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    42 0.5

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    Fix the stand support to the TV using 3 pcs screws. Fix the base stand to the TV using 4pcs...

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    MENU Button 6.INPUT Button POWER Button blue 1.COMPONENT/VIDEO IN and AUDIO IN Jack 2.Coax OUTJack 3.Headphone Jack 4.USB 5.TV...

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    Audio left is white,and Audio right is red. Audio left is white,and Audio right is red.

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    Turn the LED TV on or off. Press once to disable the audio and press again to enable the...

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    OK OK and OK OK

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    OK Use the Up and Down arrows on your remote / control to select the channel scan type. YPbPr...

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    Select Input Source INPUT SOURCE YPbPr/AV HDMI1 HDMI2 HDMI3 OK VGA USB Basic Operation Lock OK

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    Lock Neutral Color Temp Press button to select Color Temp. ,then press button to adjust. Available color Temp. mode:Warm,Cool,Neutral....

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    OK Lock Lock OK Neutral Off,Weak,Medium,Strong. OK Lock Lock Custom Color Red Hue OK Saturation Brightness Reset

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    OK OK the option you want press Lock Lock OK

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    AUDIO Menu Lock Sound Mode Standard Bass Treble Balance MTS Stereo Digital Audio Ouput PCM Surround Mode Off AVL...

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    TIME Menu Lock Sleep Timer Sleep Timer

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    Lock OK Lock Advance Selection Service1 OK Option

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    Advance Selection Press button to select Advance Selection,then press button to select Service1,Service2 Service3,Service4,Service5,Service6. Option Press button to select Option,then...

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    Lock Lock Change Password On OK Block Unrated Off OK a sub menu will 8899 Lock Lock Lock Block...

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    Lock Unlock YPbPr/AV Unlock HDMI1 Unlock OK HDMI2 Unlock HDMI3 Unlock Block Unrated Off VGA Unlock USB Unlock Lock...

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    Lock Signal Type Air Signal Type Signal Type Signal Type OK Lock Lock OK Lock Channel Name OK

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    OK Lock Channel Name OK OK OK Lock 28

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    Setup OK Lock Lock OK AUDIO are 29

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    USB Menu Note:Before operating Media menu,Plug in USB device,then press SOURCE button to set the Input Source to USB....

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    Press ◄ / ► button to select the file you want to watch in the file selecting menu,then press OK...

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    31.5 LED 1366x768 65 ATSC/NTSC 6 JPEG, M-JPEG 739 x 160 x 491 mm 739 x 86 x 445...

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    www.westinghousedigital.com S/N: Westinghouse Digital, LLC Orange, CA SE-UM-3207-1301