Panasonic DMC-TZ40 Benutzerhandbuch

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Before use
Camera handling
Keep the camera away from excessive vibration, force, or 
The camera is not dust resistant, splash resistant, or waterproof. 
Avoid using the camera in places with excessive dust or sand, or 
where water can come into contact with the camera.
Condensation (When the lens or the LCD monitor is fogged up)
Condensation may occur when the camera is exposed to sudden 
changes of temperature or humidity. Avoid these conditions, which 
may make the lens or LCD monitor dirty, cause mould, or damage 
the camera.
If condensation does occur, turn off the camera and wait about two 
hours before using it. Once the camera adjusts to the surrounding 
temperature, the fogging will clear naturally.
About the compass
Information measured with this unit is simply a rough estimate.
 •Please do not use for professional applications.
 •When using this unit for mountain climbing, trekking, or 
underwater, in addition to using the measured direction as a rough 
estimate, please make sure to bring along a map and a dedicated 
measuring instrument.