Nikon Coolpix 950 Benutzerhandbuch

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iPIX® Photography with Nikon Digital Cameras
Option 2: PCMCIA Card
Option 2: PCMCIA Card
If you have a computer with a Type II PCMCIA card 
slot, you can use a PCMCIA adapter. Your camera’s 
memory card fits directly inside the PCMCIA adapter.
The adapter fits into the appropriate slot in your porta-
ble computer, or into a PCMCIA card reader in your 
desktop computer. Refer to the Nikon Coolpix Reference 
on the Nikon Reference CD for detailed instruc-
Option 3: USB Card Reader
If your computer has a USB-compatible port, you can 
use a USB card reader to copy images from a memory 
card to your hard drive. USB Card readers are available 
for Macintosh and PC computers from Internet Pictures. 
The instructions included with the USB Card Reader will 
walk you through using this device.
Option 4: Parallel Port Card Reader 
Another download option is a parallel port memory card reader. This 
memory card reader works like a Zip drive: a card shows up as a hard 
drive in Windows Explorer. This option is not directly available through 
Internet Pictures. For more information on this option, contact your local 
computer retailer.