Sony 16 slot AIT-3 Rackmount Library LIB162EA-A3 Merkblatt

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AIT-3 Rackmount Library 
StorStation LIB162 16 slot AIT-3 Rackmount Library
High reliability
1.6TB in 2U Rackmount design
Integrated barcode reader
WORM tape support for cost effective archiving solutions
3 year Rapid Replacement warranty with On-site service options available
• 1.6TB - native capacity
- High capacity in compact 2U form factor. Ideal for backup
of small networks or automated backup of PC servers  
• High reliability drive (400,000 hrs MTBF)
- Improved performance with extended operational life
• 12MB/s native data transfer rate
- Backup a full tape in 2.5 hours
• Fast access time to data (< 35 sec)
• Barcode reader included
- Very fast initialisation and start-up
• Web based monitoring
- Simple administration through network
• AME binder free AIT media for cleaner read/write head
- Less head clogging, less cleaning required, resulting in
higher reliability
• Second drive upgrade option
- Run multiple back up jobs in parallel and save time 
• WORM media supported
• On-site service options available
Why LIB162?
AIT tape drives have proven incredibly popular with users,
with more than 650,000 drives shipped since the first release
in 1996. These drives underpin the security of IT systems
around the world.
Optimum Rack System
Many offices that are packed with proliferating PCs can be
streamlined by introducing the rack-mountable AIT tape
library LIB162.
The compact AIT format frees up office space with its high-
density data storage and offers great investment returns as the
storage volume increases.
There is a growing demand for efficient stacking of servers,
storage, and network equipment in 19 inch racks to reduce
TCO by maximising system expandability, use of space, and
ease of maintenance."
Simple Operation from Web Browser or Front Panel
System set-up and monitoring can be carried out easily from a
web browser on a client PC, or from the front panel. The tape
cartridge is controlled at high speed with supreme reliability
thanks to the R-MIC reader installed by default in the AIT-3
tape drives, facilitating recovery in the event of a system crash.
The tape drive can be hot-swapped from the front
The LIB162 comes equipped with a hot swap function,
which enables the built-in tape drive to be installed and
removed without stopping the system, thus realising
high availability as the tape drive can be replaced while
the power to the server remains on.
The tape drive can be replaced easily from the front
without having to go around to the back of the device,
facilitating upgrading for maintenance or system expansion.
Key features and benefits