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As space becomes an increasingly critical
issue in corporate IT environments, the
demand for rack-mounted servers
continues to grow. DLT Racks provide
the rack-mounted tape backup that
these servers require. Available in sleek
1U and 2U form factors, the DLT Racks
enclose up to two DLT VS or two SDLT
tape drives.
Ease of Use
DLT Racks can be installed quickly and
easily out of the box. The unique tool-
less and sliding rail-mounted design
provides quick and simple installation or
removal of a drive without removing the
unit from the rack. The cover of the unit
is removable and allows easy access to
the drives and components. 
With data continuing to grow at 40% to
60% a year, IT managers are under
constant pressure to scale their backup
solutions to keep pace with growing
storage needs.  The DLT Rack Series
offers a choice of drive technologies and
configurations to meet users’ needs:
DLT Rack2
DLT Rack1
- SDLT 600
- DLT VS160
- SDLT 320
- DLT VS80
Each rack can be populated with either
one or two drives, allowing users the
flexibility to scale their rack-mounted
backup solutions. A user can start with
just one rack-mounted tape drive and
then add a second drive when needed.
DLT Racks enable two drives to run in
parallel, reducing the backup time for
multiple server environments without
the cost and complexity of automation.
Alternatively, the two drives can be
attached to a single server for increased
backup performance. 
• DLT Rack2, configured with two SDLT
600 drives, offers a throughput of up
to 518 GB/hr (compressed).
• DLT Rack1 can offer throughput of up
to 57 GB/hr (compressed) when
configured with two DLT VS160
DLT Racks are equipped with a server-
grade power supply combined with four
cooling fans, ensuring power/thermal
integrity, while a unique frame design
coupled with 16-gauge steel guarantees
outstanding structural rigidity. 
The SDLT Series and DLT VS Series tape
drives are designed for the high duty
cycles required by today’s demanding
backup environments. They are subject
to rigorous ongoing reliability testing
and are specified at an MTBF of up to
250,000 hours at a 100% duty cycle to
ensure users’ data is reliably protected.
It's the Power of Knowing!
DLTtape is the only technology available
that offers this revolutionary drive
management system. With DLTSage™
you can manage, predict, and prevent
potential problems before they occur.
Functionality features of DLTSage vary.  
See Quantum.com for specifications.
F E A T U R E S   A N D   B E N E F I T S
• Rack-Optimized Tape Backup - Ideal 
for today’s rack-mounted server
environments, providing an external
backup solution that optimizes rack
• Easy Deployment - Designed for ease 
of use, ease of deployment and ease of
field service. Drives can be added or
removed from the rack with no loss of
server uptime! 
• Scalable Solutions - Choice of
DLTtape™ drive technology and number
of drives to meet users’ capacity and
performance needs.
• Enhanced Performance - Increase
backup performance, improve restore
times and provide faster retrieval of
archived data by adding a second drive
quickly and easily - at a later date!
• Superior Reliability - DLT Racks are
“data center ready”, offering exceptional
reliability and robustness.
DLTtape™ Technology
DLT Rack Series
The DLT Rack Series offers the full range of DLTtape™ drives
in convenient rack-mounted enclosures