AEG PV.500-MH Benutzerhandbuch

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Protect PV.500-MH Operating Instructions 
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80000043212 BAL 
Standards, Directives and CE Mark 
The equipment complies with currently applicable DIN and VDE 
regulations. The requirements of BGVA3 are met on the basis of 
compliance with EN 50274/VDE 0660-51.  
The requirements of VDE 0100, Part 410, IEC 60364-4-41, "Func-
tional extra-low voltage with safe isolation" and IEC 62109, "Safety 
of power converters for use in photovoltaic power systems" have 
been complied with where applicable. 
The CE mark on the unit confirms compliance with the EC frame-
work directives for 2006/95/EC (Low Voltage) and for 2004/108/EC 
(Electromagnetic Compatibility), provided that the actions outlined 
in the instructions are observed. 
3.6 Nameplate 
The following information appears on the nameplate: 
Figure 4 
Rating plate (example)