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Protect PV.500-MH Operating Instructions 
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80000043212 BAL 
If you are using a different/in-house monitoring system, you can 
adjust the transmission parameters and the slave address of the 
Modbus interface to suit your requirements via port 1 (X2). We 
would be happy to provide you with the Modbus unit profile on re-
quest. Configuration Preparations 
You will need a 1:1 data line and a PC. 
For this configuration, you must connect the PC to the MultiCom 
interface (X2) via the data line and start a terminal program, e.g. 
Hyperterminal, on the PC. 
Setting the terminal program: 
Data transmission:  
COMx, 9600 baud/8 data bits/1 stop bit 
No parity/no protocol 
Terminal emulation: 
You can then start the configuration by pressing the “S1” button on 
the MultiCom interface. Ensure that no communication has taken 
place via interfaces X2/X5 for at least 10 seconds before doing so. 
Initiation of the configuration is displayed by the two LEDs flashing 
on the MultiCom interface and the following display on the termi-
The configuration starts provided you press the <ENTER> key 
(<CR>) within 30 seconds. The configuration main menu opens: 
Figure 18 
Main menu 
If the configuration does not start, you must wait for 10 seconds 
and then repeat the procedure. Make sure that no data is received 
via the X2/X5 interfaces during this time. 
Press the following key in the main menu: 
<CR> to save the set values, exit the configuration and activate 
the MultiCom interface.  
<ESC> to cancel the configuration. 
<2> to access the X5 data transmission configuration.  
<4> to access the X5 data protocol configuration.