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Protect PV.500-MH Operating Instructions 
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80000043212 BAL 
8.1.1 Signalling 
Red, permanently ON:  Deactivating fault  
(must be acknowledged via the menu) 
Red, flashing: 
Self-acknowledging deactivating fault 
Yellow, flashing: 
Self-acknowledging message 
Green OFF: 
INV in sleep mode 
Green, flashing (1Hz):  INV waiting for feed conditions 
Green, flashing (0.5 Hz): INV feeding into mains with derating 
Green, permanently ON:  
INV feeding into mains 
Acoustic signal generator:  
Signal generator ON: Urgent message and equipment fault 
8.1.2 Keyboard 
You can use the ENTER key to open and close submenus and to 
acknowledge control functions and parameters. 
The 4 display keys are assigned to different functions. The key 
functions that are currently active are represented as symbols 
which can be found in a small framed area on the right-hand side 
of the LCD.  
In the "Operating display" and "Inverter" menus, you can switch 
the inverter on and off using the general keys. The keyboard sym-
bols in the menu indicate the control function which is currently 
available. If a switch-off procedure has been initiated, you must 
confirm it by means of a security prompt in order to avoid inadvert-
ent switching off. The general control system of the inverter can be 
blocked and protected with a password. 
If a unit fault occurs, refer to the "Inverter" menu, where the cause 
is specified. After eliminating the cause, acknowledge the fault in 
the menu. You can then switch the individual converters back on 
You can acknowledge the acoustic signal generator using the key-
board. On the LCD operating display you will find a special 
acknowledgement key represented by a loudspeaker symbol. In all 
other menus, you can press any key (even a key to which no func-
tions have been assigned) to acknowledge the generator. If the 
number of messages or faults increases, the acknowledgement is 
cancelled. You can impose a general block that inhibits the acous-
tic signal generator in the event of a fault and inhibits the clicking 
sound when you press a key.