AEG PV.500-MH Benutzerhandbuch

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Protect PV.500-MH Operating Instructions 
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Information on How to Use these Instructions 
This chapter contains general information about these instructions 
and the people they are intended for. 
The Protect PV.500 with two control cabinets (+DCD/ACD, +INV) 
is referred to as 'equipment' in the rest of the instructions. The pre-
cise name (PV.500) cannot be avoided in some situations. In such 
cases the equipment is referred to as the PV.500 equipment or the 
individual control cabinets are mentioned.  
1.1 General 
These instructions correspond to the technical specifications of the 
equipment at the time of publication. The contents of these instruc-
tions do not constitute a subject matter of the contract, but are for 
information purposes only. 
AEG Power Solutions GmbH reserves the right to make modifica-
tions to the content and technical data in these instructions without 
prior notice. AEG Power Solutions GmbH cannot be held liable for 
any inaccuracies or inapplicable information in these instructions, 
which came about as a result of changes to the content or tech-
nology applied after this equipment was supplied, as there is no 
obligation to continuously update the data and maintain its validity. 
Our goods and services are subject to the general conditions of 
supply for products in the electrical industry, and our general sales 
conditions. We reserve the right to alter any specifications given in 
these instructions, especially with regard to technical data, opera-
tion, dimensions and weights. AEG Power Solutions GmbH will re-
scind all obligations such as warranty agreements, service con-
tracts, etc. entered into by AEG Power Solutions GmbH or its rep-
resentatives without prior notice in the event of maintenance and 
repair work being carried out with anything other than original AEG 
Power Solutions GmbH spare parts or spare parts purchased from 
AEG Power Solutions GmbH. 
In the event of complaints, please contact us within eight days of 
receipt of goods and provide the following details: 
Type designation 
Serial number 
Nature of complaint 
Period of use 
Ambient conditions 
Any claims submitted after this point cannot be considered.