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Protect PV.500_MH Operating Instructions 
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These instructions are structured so that all work necessary for 
operation can be performed by appropriately qualified skilled per-
Illustrations are provided to clarify and facilitate certain steps. 
If danger to personnel and equipment cannot be ruled out in the 
case of certain work, it is highlighted accordingly by pictograms 
explained in Chapter 2, Safety Regulations. 
1.2 Target 
This document explains which groups these instructions are in-
tended for and the obligations of these groups. Definitions of staff 
requirements are also provided. 
Every care has been taken in drafting these instructions. Should 
you notice any errors, please contact the manufacturer immediate-
So that the instructions remain up to date, please remember to in-
sert any supplements received from AEG Power Solutions GmbH.  
Explanations of Target Groups  
These instructions are intended for various target groups: 
  The equipment operator or the person appointed by him (the 
party responsible for the equipment) 
  The skilled personnel responsible for using the equipment 
1.3.1  Obligations of the Equipment Operator 
The equipment operator or the person appointed by him/her (the 
party responsible for the equipment) is responsible for the safety of 
personnel and for the safety, function and availability of the equip-
ment. These factors depend on compliance with the safety instruc-
tions. Compliance with the safety instructions is required at all 
To ensure the safety of personnel, the equipment operator 
 Select skilled personnel on the basis of skills and training ( 
Chapter 1.3.2) 
 Make skilled personnel aware of the need for compliance with 
regulations ( Chapter 1.3.2) 
 Provide skilled personnel with personal protective equipment, 
user information and instructions 
 Provide skilled personnel with regular briefings about all safety 
measures and keep a record of such briefings 
 Inform skilled personnel of where fire extinguishers are located 
and how to use them 
To ensure the safety of the equipment, the equipment opera-
tor must: