AEG PV.500-MH Benutzerhandbuch

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Protect PV.500_MH Operating Instructions 
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Obligations of skilled personnel 
Observe the following safety instructions. 
 Work on and in electrical equipment is governed by strict rules 
in order to avoid electrical accidents. The rules are summarised 
in the five rules of safety. You must observe these rules: 
1. Disconnect safely. 
2.  Secure the unit against being switched back on. 
3.  Verify that all poles are de-energised. 
4.  Earth and short-circuit the equipment. 
5.  Provide protection in the form of covers or barriers for any 
neighbouring live parts. 
 Once work is complete, reverse the five safety rules starting at 
number 5 and working back to number 1. 
 Read these instructions. Memorise the safety instructions. 
( Chapter 2) 
 Ensure compliance with the following regulations: 
  Accident prevention regulations of the respective country of 
destination and the generally valid safety regulations according 
to IEC 364. 
  BGV A1 (Prevention principles) 
  BGV A3 (Electrical systems and equipment) 
  BGV A8 (Safety and health protection warnings in the work-
 Report damage to the equipment and electrical installations to 
the equipment operator. 
 Only use spare parts approved by the manufacturer for mainte-
and repair work. 
 Use personal protective equipment (PPE) as intended. 
 Check that PPE is in perfect working order and report any de-
fects you notice to the equipment operator. 
 Wear a hair net if you have long hair. Do not wear loose cloth-
ing or jewellery. 
 Reinstate protection devices (including covers) on completion
of all work on or with the equipment. 
Keep the instructions in the pull-out document pocket.
1.4 Storing 
Store these instructions in an appropriate place. A pull-out docu-
ment pocket is located on the inside of the door. These instructions 
must be stored together with the equipment. 
Should the equipment change hands, include these instructions 
when handing it over to the new operator.