Monster Power MP HTS 1600 Surge Protector 109807 Benutzerhandbuch

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Please read and observe the following safety points at all times.
 WARNING – Power Sources
Do not plug this PowerCenter
 into a power outlet that differs from the source indicated for safe use 
on the PowerCenter. If you don’t know the type of electrical power that is supplied to your home, consult 
your local power company or a qualified electrician.
  WARNING – Grounding and Polarization
A. Do not force your PowerCenter
 plug into an outlet that is not designed to accept a three-wire grounded-type AC plug 
(a three-prong plug). This plug is designed to be inserted into a grounded-type outlet only. If this plug doesn’t fit directly 
inside your outlet, do not attempt to force it into the outlet. Never attempt to dismantle the plug in any way (or to alter 
the power cord). Do not attempt to defeat the grounding feature by using a 3-to-2 prong adapter. If you have questions 
about grounding, consult your local power company or a qualified electrician.
B. If you use rooftop devices such as satellite dishes, antennas, or any other component with wire that connects 
to your PowerCenter
, be sure the wire(s) is properly grounded. This protects against voltage surges and 
static charges. 
C. Do not place any antenna near overhead power lines or any other power circuit. Do not touch any power line or power circuit. 
Doing so may cause severe physical injury or possibly death. 
 WARNING – Liquid: Avoiding Electrical Shocks
A. Do not operate your Monster PowerCenter if liquid of any kind is spilled onto or inside the unit. 
B. Do not operate your Monster PowerCenter near rain or water that’s spilled or contained 
  (e.g., bathtub, kitchen or sink).