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Chapter 7, "Troubleshooting and Diagnostics" – shows you how to 
troubleshoot and diagnose your configuration when abnormal symptoms 
occur in the voice or computer network.
− describes the steps you take to verify normal 
operation once you’ve installed, connected, and configured your IAD. It also 
covers maintenance and how to display the current configuration.
− provides a graphic view of your IAD’s menu 
interface, illustrating its navigation and organization.
Appendix B, “Specifications”
 − defines the specifications for the IADs. In 
addition, this section provides ordering information and all the connector pin 
assignments for the interfaces on the back of the IADs.
Appendix C, “Applications Notes”
 − provides various applications details.
Technical Documentation
A master glossary of terms and acronyms used in Paradyne documents is 
available online at www.paradyne.com. Select Support 
This document is available online at www.paradyne.com. Select Support 
Technical Manuals 
 Jetstream Media GatewaySystems
To order a paper copy of a Paradyne document, or to speak with a sales 
representative, please call 1-727-530-2000. 
Typographic Conventions
The following table lists the conventions used throughout this guide.
Notice calls attentions to important features or instructions.
Caution alerts you to serious risk of data loss or other 
results that may cause you or the IAD trouble if the warning is 
not heeded.
Warning alerts you to the risk of serious damage to the IAD 
or injury and possible death to the end user.