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Notebook PC User Manual
 Camera Cover Switch (on selected models)
The camera cover switch allows you to open and close the 
protective camera cover. Slide the switch to the left to close 
the camera cover. Slide the switch to the right to open the 
camera cover.
The built-in camera allows picture taking or video 
recording. Can be used with video conferencing and other 
interactive applications.
  Display Panel
The display panel functions the same as a desktop monitor. 
The Notebook PC uses an active matrix TFT LCD, which 
provides excellent viewing like that of desktop monitors. 
Unlike desktop monitors, the LCD panel does not produce 
any radiation or flickering, so it is easier on the eyes. Use 
a soft cloth without chemical liquids (use plain water if 
necessary) to clean the display panel.
  Audio Speaker System
The built-in stereo speaker system allows you to hear audio 
without additional attachments. The multimedia sound 
system features an integrated digital audio controller 
that produces rich, vibrant sound (results improved with 
external stereo headphones or speakers). Audio features 
are software controlled. 
  Express Gate Key
Press this key to launch Express Gate. Press again in the 
Express Gate environment to turn off the Notebook PC. 
Refer to the Express Gate User’s Manual for details. This key 
functions as the instant key for Power4Gear Hybrid when in 
Windows environment.
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