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Notebook PC User Manual
  Battery Lock - Spring
The spring battery lock is used to keep the battery 
pack secured. When the battery pack is inserted, it will 
automatically lock. To remove the battery pack, this spring 
lock must be held in the unlocked position.
  Battery Pack
The battery pack is automatically charged when the 
Notebook PC is connected to an AC power source and 
maintains power to the Notebook PC when AC power is 
not connected. This allows use when moving temporarily 
between locations. Battery time varies by usage and by 
the specifications for this Notebook PC. The battery pack 
cannot be disassembled and must be purchased as a single 
  Battery Lock - Manual
The manual battery lock is used to keep the battery pack 
secured. Move the manual lock to the unlocked position to 
insert or remove the battery pack. Move the manual lock to 
the locked position after inserting the battery pack.
  Memory (RAM) Compartment
The memory compartment provides expansion capabilities 
for additional memory. Additional memory will increase 
application performance by decreasing hard disk access. 
The BIOS automatically detects the amount of memory in 
the system and configures CMOS accordingly during the 
POST (Power-On-Self-Test) process. There is no hardware or 
software (including BIOS) setup required after the memory 
is installed. Visit an authorized service center or retailer for 
information on memory upgrades for your Notebook PC. 
Only purchase expansion modules from authorized retailers 
of this Notebook PC to ensure maximum compatibility and 
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