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Notebook PC User Manual
Switches and Status Indicators
  Express Gate Key / Power4Gear Key
Press this key to launch Express Gate. Press again in the Express 
Gate environment to turn off the Notebook PC. Refer to the 
Express Gate User’s Manual for details. 
Under the Windows OS, 
this key functions as the 
Power4Gear Hybrid key. 
The key toggles power savings between various power saving 
modes. The power saving modes control many aspects of the 
Notebook PC to maximize performance versus battery time. 
Applying or removing the power adapter will automatically 
switch the system between AC mode and battery mode. The 
selected mode is shown on the display.
  Power Switch
The power switch turns ON and OFF the Notebook PC or putting 
the Notebook PC into sleep or hibernation modes. Actual 
behavior of the power switch can be customized in Windows 
Control Panel “Power Options.” 
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