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Notebook PC User Manual
The built-in network cannot be installed later as an upgrade. 
After purchase, network can be installed as an expansion card.
Network Connection
Connect a network cable, with RJ-45 connectors on each end, to the 
modem/network port on the Notebook PC and the other end to a 
hub or switch. For 100 BASE-TX / 1000 BASE-T speeds, your network 
cable must be category 5 or better (not category 3) with twisted-pair 
wiring. If you plan on running the interface at 100/1000Mbps, it must 
be connected to a 100 BASE-TX / 1000 BASE-T hub (not a BASE-T4 
hub). For 10Base-T, use category 3, 4, or 5 twisted-pair wiring. 10/100 
Mbps Full-Duplex is supported on this Notebook PC but requires 
connection to a network switching hub with “duplex” enabled. The 
software default is to use the fastest setting so no user-intervention 
is required. 
1000BASE-T (or Gigabit) is only supported on selected models. 
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