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Notebook PC User Manual
Wireless LAN Connection (on selected models)
The optional built-in wireless LAN is a compact easy-to-use wireless 
Ethernet adapter. Implementing the IEEE 802.11 standard for 
wireless LAN (WLAN), the optional built-in wireless LAN is capable of 
fast data transmission rates using Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum 
(DSSS) and Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) 
technologies on 2.4GHz/5GHz frequencies. The optional built-in 
wireless LAN is backward compatible with the earlier IEEE 802.11 
standards allowing seamless interfacing of wireless LAN standards.
The optional built-in wireless LAN is a client adapter that supports 
Infrastructure and Ad-hoc modes giving you flexibility on your 
existing or future wireless network configurations for distances up to 
40 meters between the client and the access point.
To provide efficient security to your wireless communication, the 
optional built-in wireless LAN comes with a 64-bit/128-bit Wired 
Equivalent Privacy (WEP) encryption and Wi-Fi Protected Access 
(WPA) features.
For security concerns, DO NOT connect to the unsecured 
network; otherwise, the information transmission without 
encryption might be visible to others.
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