Sony HDR-AS200VR Handbuch

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Owner’s Record
The model and serial numbers are located on the bottom. Record the 
serial number in the space provided below. Refer to these numbers 
whenever you call your Sony dealer regarding this product.
Model No. RM-LVR2
Serial No.
The nameplate is located on the bottom exterior.
If you need to check it, detach the belt.
Parts and controls
 MENU  button
 DISP  button
 REC/ENTER  button
 REC/Wi-Fi  lamp
 LCD  screen
 DOWN  button
 UP  button
 CHG (Charge) lamp
 RESET (Reset) button
 Multi/Micro USB Terminal
 Lock  lever
 Connector  cover
 ON/OFF  button
 Loop for a belt
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Screen Display
 Button hold icon
 Clock  display
 Battery level indicator of the remote 
 Airplane mode icon
Displayed when the remote control is in 
airplane mode.
 Shooting  mode
 Shooting mode switching indicator
 REC  icon
 Memory card warning indicator
 Battery level indicator of the camera
• The display varies depending on which 
camera is connected.
Clock display
Live-View display
Charging the remote control
  Check that the power of the remote control is OFF.
 Connect the remote control to an activated computer with 
the micro USB cable (supplied).
Connector cover
Lights in amber 
while charging
Micro USB cable
The CHG (Charge) lamp turns off when charging is completed.
• You can charge the remote control even if it is not completely discharged. Also, 
even if the remote control is not fully charged, you can use the partial charge 
capacity of the battery pack as is.
• When the power of the remote control is on, it is supplied with power but not 
• When the remote control is fully charged, the CHG (Charge) lamp turns off 
• If you do not have a computer, use the AC adapter AC-UD10 (sold separately).
Turning on the remote control
  Press the ON/OFF button to turn on the remote control.
When the remote control is turned on for the first time, the date 
and time/area setting screen is displayed.
 Set the date and time/area.
• Press the UP button or DOWN button to select the desired item, 
then press the REC/ENTER button.
• The date and time/area setting screen switches in the following 
Area setting
Date format
Date & time/area 
setting confirmation
Daylight saving time 
(summer time) 
Time setting
• Press the REC/ENTER button in the date & time/area setting 
confirmation screen to confirm the desired item, then the Wi-Fi 
standby screen will be displayed.
• Regions are defined by the time difference between Greenwich Mean Time 
(GMT) and the standard time of your home. For details on the time difference, 
refer to "The list of time differences for world capitals" in the online Help Guide.
• To set the date and time again, press the MENU button of the remote control to 
select "Date & time/area/daylight saving time (summer time) setting" from 
(Remote control setting).
Connecting the remote control to a camera via Wi-Fi
Connecting the remote control to a 
single camera (Single connection)
For details on the following operations, refer to the online Help Guide 
or the operating instructions of the camera.
• Multiple cameras (Multi connection)
• Cameras excluding Action Cam
  Turn on the remote control.
When activating the remote control, the Wi-Fi standby screen will 
be displayed.
• If the 
 (Multi connection) icon is displayed, press the MENU button of 
the remote control, select 
 (Connection mode) from 
control setting) and set to 
 (Single connection).
 Turn on the camera.
Action Cam excluding 
Press the NEXT or PREV button.
Press the ON/OFF button.
FDR-X1000V is illustrated above.
 Check the camera settings.
Check that a Wi-Fi mark is displayed on the display panel of the 
Action Cam excluding 
• If the connection mode of the camera is set to the multi connection, switch 
to the single connection.
• For HDR-AS15/AS30V, insert a memory card to the camera.
 Select the camera you want to connect to the remote 
 Select the SSID (the destination) from the connection 
destination list.
 Press the REC/ENTER button.
 When the remote control is in the standby status, proceed to 
step 5 within 2 minutes.
If you press the REC/ENTER button in the status illustrated in 
the remote control will be released from the standby status. In this 
case, select the SSID of the camera again.
 Connect the remote control to the camera.
Action Cam excluding HDR-AZ1
When [ACPT?] is displayed on the display panel of the camera, 
the ENTER button of the camera.
• If [ACPT?] is not displayed on the display panel of the camera, restart the 
camera and try again from step 3.
When you hear the connection confirmation beep, 
press and hold 
the Wi-Fi button of the camera until you hear the connection 
completion beep.
• For HDR-AZ1, the connection confirmation beep does not sound if 
(Beep) is set to OFF.
• If the connection confirmation beep does not sound, restart the camera 
and try again from step 3.
The REC/Wi-Fi lamp lights in blue, the LCD screen of the remote 
control switches to the Live-View display and connection is 
• If the connection to the camera is not completed, the signal traffic may be 
heavy. In this case, move to another location and try again.
Switching shooting modes
Switch the shooting mode by pressing the UP/DOWN button on the 
Live-View display of the remote control.
The shooting mode icon will be displayed on the upper left side of the 
When recording movies
For details on the following operations, refer to the online Help Guide 
or the operating instructions of the camera.
• Still images
• Interval still images
• Loop recording
  Press the REC/ENTER button to start recording.
The REC/Wi-Fi lamp turns from blue to red.
 Press the REC/ENTER button again to stop recording.
The REC/Wi-Fi lamp turns from red to blue.
Notes on attaching a belt to the remote control
• You can adjust the belt length depending on the pasting position of 
 and .
• To fasten the remote control to your arm, wear it on the back of your 
hand. Then, thread the belt through 
, facing the REC/ENTER button 
toward your fingertips, and the LCD screen toward your elbow.  
After attaching 
, move  to cover the end of .
• Attaching the belt incorrectly may cause injury.
• When placing the remote control on your right arm, set the screen 
rotation in the remote control settings to ON.
• When using the remote control attached to your arm, always attach 
the supplied base plate and belt correctly.
• Be careful not to drop the remote control when unfastening the belt.
• For details on attaching the belt to the remote control, refer to the 
Help Guide.
Live-View Remote
Startup Guide
This manual describes the basic operations of the Live-View Remote 
Before use, it is necessary to connect to a camera via Wi-Fi as 
described in this manual.
For details, refer to the online Help Guide.