Apple imac 17in 1ghz Servicehandbuch

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64 - iMac (17-inch Flat Panel, 1GHz) Take Apart
 Fan Retainer Bracket (under fan)
Warning: Whenever the bottom housing is opened for service, you must do two things:
1.You must clean the original thermal film from all thermal interface mating surfaces, 
and reapply thermal paste to the mating surfaces on the thermal pipe.
2. You must tighten the four torx screws on the bottom housing to a minimum of 17 
in.-lbs. Use a torque driver (service tool 076-0899) to ensure that the thermal pipe is 
firmly mated with the top base. If you do not have a torque driver, you must make 
sure the screws are tightened by hand FIRMLY, BUT NOT FORCIBLY. 
Failure to follow these steps could cause the computer to overheat and 
damage internal components.
Refer to the topic “Thermal Paste Application” for detailed information.