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The use of ionized air in electronics work environments
eliminates the build up of potentially damaging static
charges.  Air ionizers are primarily used to control static
charge on nonconductive materials.  Grounding is
normally used to control charge on conductive objects and
personnel, however, nonconductors cannot be grounded to
drain electrostatic charge.  Ionization is the only method of
neutralizing a static charge on a nonconductor.  Ionized air
can neutralize static charges on circuit board substrates,
insulating tapes and plastic objects found in the work area.
The 3M
963 and 963E benchtop air ionizers, blanket the
benchtop with ionized air to help prevent static from
damaging sensitive electronics.
Two versions of Benchtop Air Ionizer available
The 963 benchtop air ionizer uses AC 120V power, while
the 963E uses AC 220V/230V power.  Both ionizers
feature a two-speed fan, a power indicator lamp, a 
static-dissipative plastic housing, and a combination
metal-plastic stand that can also double as a mounting
Rapid neutralization of electrostatic charge
The ion-generation technology present in the 963 and
963E benchtop air ionizers is capable of producing
extremely large amounts of ions, resulting in nearly
instantaneous static charge neutralization.  The 3M 963 is
capable of reducing a static charge of 1000V to 100V in
less than one second, at a one foot distance, when tested
at the high fan speed.  In addition, the powerful fan allows
the generated ions to be carried at high speed for long
distances.  At a distance of three feet, the discharge time
only increases to approximately five seconds.  
Intrinsically balanced, maintenance-free
3M ionizers have a proprietary, intrinsically balanced ion
generation system which ensures that equal levels of
positive and negative ions are produced despite variations
in line voltage, fan speed, and emitter point condition.  No
adjustment or calibration is required to maintain ion
balance.  This allows the unit to generate a balanced mix
of positive and negative ions - even if the emitter points
become dirty.
Both the 963 and 963E are virtually maintenance free.
The ionizer’s unique design requires only periodic
cleaning of emitter points to maintain optimum
performance.  The points do not require replacement and
the unit does not require adjustment before or after
Quiet and comfortable air flow
The two-speed fan in the 963 and 963E benchtop air
ionizers is extremely quiet at low speed.  Where industrial
noise may irritate personnel and lower productivity, the
963 and 963E may be used without contributing
significantly to the ambient noise.  The fan’s gentle airflow
does not disturb paper or delicate parts.  The high-speed
fan setting can be used for more rapid neutralization of
static charges in environments where faster decay rates are
Static-dissipative housing safe to use in ESD
sensitive areas
The injection-molded plastic case is constructed of 
static-dissipative plastic.  The conductivity of the case
prevents a static charge from building up on the surface of
the housing, a common problem with ionizers.  This 
“ESD-safe” design allows the ionizer to be part of your
overall static-safeguarded electronic workstation.
When tested according to ANSI/ESD S3.1-1991
Benchtop Air Ionizers
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