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Chapter 7
   Working with Documents in the Desktop Manager    7-17
orking with
Documents in the
Desktop Manager
Annotating a Document
You can open a document to view its contents, and annotate it with notes,
highlighting, stamps, or graphics (line/arrow, rectangle, circle). Although
you can save the document with your annotations, any annotations you
make are only added markings placed on the original document. The
original contents of the document remains intact. If you choose to fax the
modified document, you have the option not to include the annotations
with the document.
For example, if you insert a whiteout on your document (such as over a
paragraph of text), the area is no longer visible. However, the paragraph
is still part of your document. You can fax or print the document with or
without the whiteout annotation. You can later remove the whiteout
annotation from the document, restoring the hidden area.
When you open a document for annotations, the document displays in
the MultiPASS Document Viewer. You can open only a single document
at a time.
The following instructions summarise the procedures for annotating a
document. For additional information, refer to later sections in this chapter.
Sample annotations
you can add
to your document
White Out
Drawn Graphic
(Circle and Arrow)
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