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5-16    PC Faxing
Chapter 5
Working with Address Book Entries
When open, the Address Book displays a list of the address entries you
currently have set up, along with the corresponding information for each
The Address Book contains the following types of entries.
An individual entry enables you to identify each individual to whom
you frequently send PC faxes. When you send a PC fax, you can then
specify the recipient for your PC fax from the entries listed in the
Address Book.
A group entry identifies the two or more individual Address Book
entries to whom you repeatedly send the same PC fax. For example,
you can set up a group to include those individuals involved in a
particular business project. When you specify the group entry as the
fax recipient on your PC fax, the PC fax is sent to each individual in
the group.
Sorting the Address Book
The Address Book is sorted alphabetically. You can change the order of
the list based on criteria indicated as the column titles for the list.
To change the order of the Address Book entries, click the appropriate
column title.
Adding and Editing an Individual Address
When setting up an individual Address Book entry, you must specify the
contact’s first and last names, and fax number. Optionally, if you want the
information available for a fax cover page, you can provide the contact’s
phone number, title, company, and address. You can also enter a
comment, to provide an internal reference about the recipient.
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