Canon pixma ip4300 Benutzerhandbuch

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Routine Maintenance
Routine Maintenance
Replacing an Ink Tank
When ink runs out, replace the ink tank. The printer will not print if the wrong type of ink tank is used, 
or if it is installed in the incorrect position.
The printer uses the following ink tanks.
Getting the Ink Level Information
Ink Level Indication on the Printer
You can confirm the ink level in each ink tank by the ink lamps. Open the Top Cover of the printer 
to confirm how the ink lamps light or flash.
Ink is low: 
The ink lamp flashes slowly (at around 3-second intervals). You can continue printing for a while, 
but we recommend you to have a replacement ink tank available.
Ink is out: 
The ink lamp flashes quickly (at around 1-second intervals), and the ALARM lamp on the printer 
flashes orange four or sixteen times. Replace the ink tank with a new one.
Black: CLI-8BK
Magenta: CLI-8M
Black: PGI-5BK
Cyan: CLI-8C
Yellow: CLI-8Y
Be sure to install the ink tanks in the correct order. The proper arrangement from the left is Black
, Yellow
, Magenta
, Cyan
If printing becomes faint or white streaks appear despite sufficient ink levels, see “When Printing 
Becomes Faint or Colors Are Incorrect” on page 35.