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Routine Maintenance
Examining the Nozzle Check Pattern
Examine the nozzle check pattern output by the printer, and clean the Print Head if necessary.
Confirm the printed nozzle check pattern.
(1) If lines of this pattern are missing, the Black print head nozzle needs cleaning.
Example: When lines are missing
(2) If these patterns have white streaks, the Color print head nozzle needs cleaning.
Example: When white streaks appear
When cleaning is necessary, click Cleaning on the Pattern Check dialog box.
To proceed to cleaning of the Print Head, go to step 4-(3) of the Windows or Macintosh Print 
Head Cleaning procedure, depending on your platform. See “Print Head Cleaning” on 
page 39.
If no lines of the group (1) pattern are missing and the group (2) patterns have no white 
streaks, click Exit or Quit to exit nozzle check pattern examination.
The nozzle check pattern will not be printed correctly if there is not enough ink. Replace the ink tank if the 
remaining amount of ink is insufficient.
See “Replacing an Ink Tank” on page 26.