Panasonic TX-L50E6B Bedienungsanleitung

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Media Player
Using Media Player
Media Player allows you to enjoy photo, video or music recorded on a USB 
Flash Memory.
Photo mode:
Still pictures recorded with digital cameras will be displayed.
Video mode:
Moving pictures recorded with digital video cameras will be played back.
Music mode:
Digital music data will be played back.
During operation, audio signals are output from DIGITAL AUDIO and 
HDMI2 (ARC function) terminals, however, no video signals are output. To 
use HDMI2 with ARC function, connect an amplifier that has ARC function 
and set to use theatre speakers.
 shows the date on which the recording was made with the recording 
equipment. “ / /
” appears on a file on which recording date has not 
been recorded.
Pictures may not appear correctly on this TV depending on the recording 
equipment used.
Displaying may take some time when there are many files and folders.
Partially degraded files may be displayed with reduced resolution.
Picture setting may not work depending on the conditions.
Folder and file names may be different from those on the digital camera or 
digital video camera used.