Nikon Coolpix W300 Benutzeranleitung

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Other Functions
Other Functions
The shooting modes described below are available.
• o Scene auto selector
The camera recognizes the shooting conditions when you frame a picture, and you 
can take pictures in accordance with those conditions.
• Scene mode
Select any one of scene modes based on the shooting conditions, and you can 
take pictures with the appropriate settings for those conditions.
• Creative mode
The camera saves four images with effects and one image without effects 
simultaneously in one shot.
• Smart portrait
Use glamour retouch to enhance human faces during shooting, and use the smile 
timer or self-collage function to take pictures.
• Short movie show
The camera creates a short movie that is up to 30 seconds long (e 1080/30p or 
1080/25p) by recording and automatically combining multiple movie clips 
that are several seconds long.
• Auto mode
Select this mode to perform general shooting in a variety of shooting conditions.
When the shooting screen 
is displayed, press the 
A (shooting mode) 
Use the multi selector 
to select a shooting mode 
and press the 
k button.
• When scene mode is selected, 
K to select a scene mode 
or effect before pressing the 
k button.
Selecting a Shooting Mode
Scene auto selector