DJI Osmo Mobile Benutzeranleitung

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Osmo Mobile User Manual 
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Charging/Upgrade Port
Zoom Control
 — Solid 
upgrade successful.
   Blinks Green
The Osmo Mobile is initializing / Exiting sleep mode
Slow Pulsing Green
 — Solid 
The trigger is being held down and the gimbal is in Lock Mode
  Blinks Yellow
The gimbal is not functioning normally.
Slow Pulsing Green/
  Blinks Red Slowly
Low battery level warning
  Blinks Red Quickly
Critical low battery level warning
 — Solid 
Tap twice on the trigger to re-center your phone. If the system status LED blinks 
yellow, it indicates an error in the gimbal.
[7] Trigger
Hold down the Trigger to enable Lock Mode. The gimbal will stay in its current position 
regardless of handle movement. The Osmo Mobile will return to SmoothTrack Mode once 
the Trigger is released.
Quickly tap the Trigger twice to center the mobile phone. 
Tap three times on the trigger to switch between your phone's front and rear camera. 
Switching cameras during video recording will stop the recording.
Hold down the trigger and push the joystick up and down to zoom. This function is 
available in the DJI GO app metering mode and when using your phone's rear camera 
only. Currently available on iOS only.
[8] Charging/Upgrade Port
To charge the Osmo Mobile by connecting to this port. 
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