DJI Osmo Mobile Benutzeranleitung

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Osmo Mobile User Manual 
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Key Pages
1. Equipment 
[1]  Connection Status
Indicates the connecting status between DJI GO app and Osmo Mobile.
 Photo/Video Toggle
Slide to switch between photo and video mode.
[3]  Photo/Video Settings
: Photo Modes
Single shot, 2s, 5s or 10s intervals, HDR.
: Video Modes
 Normal: Normal video based on your camera settings.
 Slow Motion: Tap to start/stop slow motion video recording.
 Timelapse Settings: Select photo capture intervals and capture duration to start recording 
a timelapse. Tripod Mode locks the gimbal motor for greater stability. Tripod Mode is 
recommended when shooting a timelapse with the Osmo Mobile placed on a stable 
surface. If you are holding the Osmo Mobile, disable Tripod Mode to allow the gimbal to 
allow it to stabilize. 
 Motion Timelapse: Use up to 5 camera positions to create a moving timelapse.
 : Shutter/Record Button
Shoots photos in Photo Mode and record video in Video Mode.
: Front/Rear Camera Switch
Tap to switch between your phone's front and rear camera.
 : Playback
Tap to view photos and videos.