DJI Osmo Mobile Benutzeranleitung

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3. Mount and Balance the 
    Mobile Phone
With the Osmo Mobile powered off, loosen the 
Holder Lock Knob, place the mobile phone in the 
mobile phone holder and tighten the knob to secure 
its position. 
  Do not power on the Osmo Mobile without a mobile 
phone. The Osmo Mobile will not work if no device is 
detected by the Mobile Phone Detection Sensor. 
  It is important to balance the mobile phone in order to 
achieve optimal performance. The Osmo Mobile should 
only be balanced when powered off.
The system is balanced if the mobile phone remains 
level when released, balanced only by the gimbal.
If the roll axis tilts to 
the left, pull out the 
arm until the roll axis 
remains level. 
If the roll axis tilts to 
the right, adjust the 
mobile phone to the 
left until the roll axis 
levels out.