Zhongshan BSD Electron Technology Co. LTD. E06 Benutzerhandbuch

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DC 5V 500mA for charging, the LED indicator light on, said it is on charging,  indicator light 
off, charging finished. 
Noted: Charging in Power on state, the earphone will turn off  automatically and enter 
charging status. 
Power on: Keep pressing the “MFB”  button for more than 3 seconds, blue light on and 
“POWER ON” voice prompt. 
Power off: Keep pressing the “MFB”  button for more than 3 seconds, red light on and 
“POWER OFF” voice prompt. 
Bluetooth Mode: 
Pair: Keep pressing the “MFB”  button to the light flashing fast, Pairing mode start. Search 
for Bluetooth device until find out “E06”, select it, then the indicator keeps flashing slowly 
and voice prompt that paired successfully. 
(Noted: if the pass code is required, please enter “0000”) 
If you want to disconnect the Bluetooth connection and back to code match state, please 
double click the “+” and “-” keys twice at the same time when no music playing. 
Noted: 1. When the Bluetooth connection disconnect accidentally, short press the “MFB”  
button, the Bluetooth will reconnect. 
           2. If you want to reset the connected Bluetooth devices list, please long press the “+” 
and “-” keys at the same time. 
Music Playing: 
Short press “MFB” button
Short press“
”button, Volume decrease; long press“”button, Previous song
Short press“
+”button, Volume increase; long press“+”button, Next song. 
Voice Dial: 
When in paired status, long press “
+” button, then say the name out you want to call. 
Noted: Please make sure voice dial function is supported on your smartphone. 
Call Mode : 
In Bluetooth connected status, double click the “MFB” button to dial the last call again.