Davis WeatherLink USB 672576 Benutzerhandbuch

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 for Vantage Pro
and Vantage Pro2
S o f t w a r e   a n d   D a t a   L o g g e r
 for Vantage Pro
 and Vantage Pro2
 consists of our WeatherLink software and a specialized data 
logger that connects to a Vantage Pro or Vantage Pro2 console or Weather Envoy. The software and data logger 
transfer your Vantage Pro or Vantage Pro2 weather data to your computer, allowing you to create a permanent weather 
database. Once stored in the database, your weather information can be used to generate a wide variety of reports and 
graphical displays, and can also be shared via the Internet. WeatherLink is packaged with one of the following data 
• Serial Data Logger 
(# 6510SER)
 — Connects your Vantage Pro or Vantage Pro2 console to a computer 
via a serial connection or a remote modem connection.
• USB Data Logger 
(# 6510USB) 
— Connects your Vantage Pro or Vantage Pro2 console to a computer via 
a USB connection.
WeatherLink is also available in specially designed models (serial models only):
• WeatherLink for APRS with Streaming Data Logger 
(# 6540)
 — Connects a Vantage Pro2 console or 
Weather Envoy to a ham radio with TNC modem for instant transmission of both your location and the 
local weather conditions via APRS.
• WeatherLink with Alarm Output with Connector Block 
(# 6544)
 — Allows you to use the weather 
station to control fans, heaters, etc., based on weather parameters you set.
• WeatherLink for Emergency Response Teams 
(# 6550)
 — Provides real-time weather data needed to 
map the footprint of a hazardous plume, predict its dispersion, and help make critical public safety 
decisions. Compatible with CAMEO
 and Aloha
• WeatherLink for Irrigation Control with Connector Block 
(# 6560)
 —Allows you to use your weather 
station to turn your irrigation system on or off. 
Each also simultaneously logs and stores the data, which can later be downloaded to your PC for all the graphing, 
charting, and analysis available in WeatherLink.
W e a t h e r L i n k   S o f t w a r e   F e a t u r e s
• Displays the current weather station data in a real-time “bulletin” on the computer.
• Allows you to set and clear data in the weather station console (time and date, highs and lows, alarm 
thresholds, calibration numbers, etc.) from the computer.
• Graphs archived weather data on an hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis.
• Generates Weather Watcher reports in the National Climatic Data Center (NOAA) format.
• Collects data from multiple weather stations on the same computer. 
• Internet support for creating your own weather website and for uploading other files. 
• Includes support for GLOBE, an international weather-related science program for students from 
elementary through high school. Visit www.globe.gov for more information.
• Includes support for the Citizen Weather Observer Program (CWOP) to send real-time weather data to 
the National Weather Service. CWOP is data used for weather education and research projects. Visit 
www.wxqa.com for more information.
W e a t h e r L i n k   D a t a   L o g g e r   F e a t u r e s
• Archives weather data for subsequent transfer to the computer.
• Manages data communication between the weather station and the WeatherLink software.
• Information on WeatherLink communications protocols and data formatting can be found on the 
Software Support page at our website: (
DS6510USB, 6510SER, 6540, 6544, 6550, 6560-00 (Rev D, 3/11/08)