Forza Power Technologies Zion-2K FVP-1201B Merkblatt

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Reliable protection
Delay timer
Rotating outlet
On/Off switch
promotes power conservation
The first 3-in -1 voltage protector in the market, the Zion -2K10 
will automatically guard your equipment against potentially 
damaging power fluctuations and other irregularities in the 
electrical supply.     
Por favor no conectar una carga o suma de cargas que sean mayores al total de vatios permitidos por el UPS.
The newly introduced Forza FVP Series features a unique
innovation in the industry: 3500 rotating outlets to easily 
accommodate and position all your components without 
obstructing other available receptacles.
The handy on/off switch also helps reduce standby power 
consumption. Most importantly, the FVP Voltage Protector will 
automatically guard your equipment against brownouts or 
transient spikes induced by lighting or power line failure.
Multifunctional printers and copiers  
Projectors and LCD screens 
Soda and coffee machines 
Computers and  laptops
Telephone switches
Routers / Modems
FVP-1201N / 
On/Off Switch
Convenient on/off 
switch saves energy.
350° rotation 
Exclusive design 
to free other wall 
power outlets.
Built-in delay 
15/30/180 sec
Adjust it depending on 
the equipment you 
want to protect.
Internet, DSL
Fax/Modem Protection 
Protects your network, 
phone and data lines 
from dangerous and 
costly lightning surges.