Sony PCS-XG100S Benutzerhandbuch

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and PCS-XG77 
high definition 
bringing people and 
ideas together with 
greater clarity
Richer, more rewarding communications:  
share video, voice and PC presentations with HD quality 
Ideal for a wide range of business communications, the PCS-XG100 
and PCS-XG77 videoconferencing systems offer superb picture and 
sound quality, plus smart features to enrich collaboration across your 
Crystal-clear images from the high quality PTZ camera* are complemented by clear, 
natural sounding stereo audio. Dual streaming allows video and PC presentations 
to be shared simultaneously with viewers at a remote location. See ‘Near’ and ‘Far’ 
camera images plus PC presentations with exceptional layout flexibility on one, two or 
three connected video monitors. HD conferences can be streamed as live webcasts, 
or recorded to USB memory for easy sharing and review.
The integrated MCU (PCS-XG100 only) allows multi-point conferences over ISDN or IP, 
choose for either six sites or nine sites options via a simple software upgrade. What’s 
more, two PCS-XG100 systems can be cascaded without additional hardware to link 
16 sites simultaneously.
Set-up is refreshingly straightforward, with quick booting so you’re ready for business 
faster. Operation is easy, too: just select a contact using the supplied remote 
commander to launch your conference at a touch.
* Also available as PCS-XG100S/XG77S  ‘codec only’ version without PTZ camera.
*1 H.320 will be available as V2.0   
*2 H.261 in H.323 will be available as V2.0
Express yourself clearly with  
Full HD 60p image quality 
The PCS-XG100 lets you 
communicate more clearly  
and productively with detail-
packed video conferences at  
Full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution 
for exceptional realism.  
(PCS-XG77: 720p).  
With frame rates as high as 60fps, 
conferences are smoother and 
more natural. You’ll even enjoy 
HD quality picture quality at low 
bit rates when network bandwidth 
is limited.
XG100 / PCS-
XG77- High Definition Videoconferencing Systems
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