Seagate Maxtor DiamondMax 16 K14J040 Merkblatt

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40GB   60GB   80GB   120GB   160GB
3.5-inch 5400 RPM capacity
hard drives
Capacities up to 160GB 
Designed for desktop 
systems, commercial
and consumer electronics 
Parallel ATA data transfer
speeds up to 133MB/sec
2MB cache buffer
Quiet Drive Technology 
Shock Protection System
Data Protection System
Demonstrating Outstanding Capacity, Value 
and Reliability for Your Desktop Storage Needs  
The Maxtor DiamondMax
16 hard disk drive is designed to efficiently
meet the need for capacity. With industry-standard capacity points up
to 160GB, DiamondMax 16 drives confirm Maxtor’s leadership position
in drive technology. The drives use advanced, integrated electronics
combined with numerous design innovations to achieve a wide range
of capacity points, solid reliability, and quiet operation. As a result,
they are the premier choice for desktop, commercial and consumer
electronics high-capacity storage needs.
Maxtor-developed Parallel
ATA/133 Interface
Maxtor-developed parallel ATA 
interfaces have maximum data 
transfer rates of 133 MB/sec. With 
this leading-edge interface, end users
will experience the fastest parallel
ATA data transfer rates available.
Maxtor Quiet Drive Technology
Maxtor Quiet Drive Technology pro-
vides users with superior disk drive
acoustics by reducing noise levels
and improving sound quality.
Delivering Reliability
DiamondMax 16 drives deliver high
reliability and data integrity using the
Maxtor-developed Shock Protection
System (SPS) and Data Protection
System (DPS). SPS and DPS give the
drive enhanced protection against
both operating and non-operating
shock to eliminate costly drive returns.
These systems deliver high reliability,
as shown by the DiamondMax 
product line’s annualized return 
rate (ARR) of less than 1.0%.