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Nokia Extra Power DC-8 
Product Sheet
Product Overview
• The pocket-size back-up power enables charging of your compatible mobile device 
battery on the move. Use your Nokia Extra Power DC-8 with battery or rechargeable 
battery that you can recharge with your compatible Nokia charger.
Key Features
• Small size and streamlined design
• Easy to carry around and use even while having a call
• Automatic start-up when device is connected
• Can use both rechargeable and non-rechargeable AA size battery
• Automatically detects which type of battery is inserted
• Rechargeable battery can be charged with standard Nokia chargers
(2.0mm interface and 3.5mm interface with CA-44)
• Provides power for about one phone charge 
• Two indicator LEDs
Key Selling Points
• Peace of mind, especially for mobile device heavy-users
• Power for situations when there is no access to electricity
or compatible charger
• Power for the unexpected situations with high efficiency
• Suitable for charging compatible enhancements like headsets
and speakers as well
• High quality adds reliability
• Sustainable and low cost use with rechargeable battery
Sales Package Content
• Nokia Extra Power DC-8
• Spare part DC-8 connection cable
• 2 foldout user guides, supplier leaflet
• Carrying pouch
• AA lithium battery 
Technical Specifications
• Weight
150 g
• Dimensions
22 x 22 x 73 mm
• Cable length
~110 mm
• Battery
AA Size Alkaline, Lithium or  
rechargeable NiMH battery
• Operation time
Battery capacity dependent
• AA battery charging time
Less than 2 hours
• Battery cycle life
Up to 500 cycles (rechargeable 
NiMH battery)
• Battery charger connection
2.0 mm and 3.5 mm with CA-44
• Color
• Operating temperature
-15°C … +55°C 
• Device charger
Compatible with Nokia 
devices and enhancements 
supporting 2.0mm interface
• AA battery charger 2.0 mm interface
AC-3, AC-4, AC-5, DC-4, CA-100
• AA battery charger 3.5 mm interface 
AC-1, AC-2, ACP-12, LCH-12, CA-70 (with CA-44)
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