AEG HSM/R 5638 520643 Benutzerhandbuch

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Finish Operation
•  Switch off the appliance. “OFF” can be seen on the switch.
Cleaning and Maintenance
•  Regular cleaning and maintenance ensures optimum results and long lifetime.
•  Turn the unit off and disconnect from mains power supply, if necessary.
•  Do not submerge the unit in water.
•  Disconnect the power adapter from the mains when cleaning.
•  Do not use a wire brush or other abrasives.
•  Do not use sharp or abrasive cleaning agents.
•  Use the cleaning brush to remove remaining hair after use.
•  Remove the attachment comb.
•  Clean the casing with a slightly damp cloth, if necessary.
Attach / Remove Clipper Head
The clipper head is locked to the housing. Please refer to fig. (a) on page 3.
1.  Push back the clipper head with your thumb in order to release the catch.
2.  Regularly apply 1 - 2 drops acid-free oil to the clipper head.
3.  Replace the clipper head after cleaning by first setting the catch into the housing. Then 
press the cutting area against the housing until it locks into place.
Noise emission
The workplace-related emission value is less than 70 dB(A).