Check Point Software Technologies SafeOffice 500 ADSL (Annex A) (25 concurrent users) CPSB-500G-25-AD-A Benutzerhandbuch

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In today’s business environment, maintaining customer confidence and 
protecting your business means securing your broadband connection and 
network. Taking steps to safeguard critical data is vital to your success and 
often mandated by industry-specific regulations. 
Internet threats, such as viruses, worms, hackers and zero-hour attacks, require 
a host of different solutions that are difficult to integrate and costly to manage. 
You need a solution designed to meet the complex needs of today’s small 
Designed specifically to meet the needs of small businesses, Check Point 
 500 Unified Threat Management appliances deliver proven 
Internet security by incorporating the same patented technology used by 98% 
of the Fortune 500. A single Safe@Office appliance can protect a network of up 
to 100 users from a multitude of Internet threats, creating a solid line of defense 
against hacking attempts, denial of service attacks, phishing and viruses.
Also available with an integrated secure wireless access point and with an 
advanced ADSL/ADSL2+ modem, Safe@Office meets small businesses’ needs 
for connectivity and network security.
Safe@Office appliances integrate Check Point’s industry leading INSPECT
Stateful Inspection firewall technology and SmartDefense Intrusion Prevention, 
capable of examining hundreds of predefined applications, protocols and 
services. Check Point Application Intelligence™ technology blocks denial of 
service (DoS) attacks, detects protocol anomalies and limits an application’s 
ability to spread malicious data, and controls application-layer operations. 
These mechanisms aid proper usage of applications such as instant messaging,
peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing and File Transfer Protocol (FTP), allowing you 
to block questionable traffic and ensuring your bandwidth is used in the most 
efficient and secure manner.
Safe@Office 500
for Small Businesses
Keep your network safe with
proven Internet security
The NGX platform delivers a unified
security architecture for Check Point
perimeter, internal, and Web security.
Network Security
Check Point network security 
solutions are the market-
leading choice for securing the 
network infrastructure.
Safe@Office UTM appliances deliver proven, 
integrated security and networking features 
right out-of-the-box. Safe@Office offers a 
simple, affordable and reliable solution to 
keep small business networks protected 
anytime, anywhere.
Industry’s most proven and trusted  
Robust IPSec VPN (site-to-site and  
Intrusion Prevention, Antivirus and  
  Web Filtering capabilities
Easy-to-use, wizard-based   
  management with preset security 
  rules and automatic updates
Integrated, high-performance  
Wireless LAN, ADSL2+ modem and  
  support for 3G cellular connectivity
Delivers an affordable, easy-to-use, 
  all-in-one security solution 
  for small businesses
Provides small businesses with  
  the same proven security technologies  
  trusted by 98% of the Fortune 500
Addresses industry specific network- 
Maximizes employee productivity  
  through secure Wireless LAN, 
  web-filtering and VPN connectivity
Streamlines ongoing security 
Ensures around-the-clock business