Panasonic 3.7 V 3400 mAh (Ø x H) 18 mm x 70 mm NCR18650BK Datenbogen

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Panasonic Corporation Energy Company 
Protective clothing 
    : Gas mask for organic gases, safety goggle, safety glove. 
Physical and Chemical Properties of Single cell 
: Single cell:    Cylindrical or Prismatic cell 
Nominal voltage 
: Single cell:    3.6 volts 
Stability and Reactivity 
Since batteries utilize a chemical reaction they are actually considered a chemical product. 
As such, battery performance will deteriorate over time even if stored for a long period of time without being used. 
In addition, the various usage conditions such as charge, discharge, ambient temperature, etc. are not maintained 
within the specified ranges the life expectancy of the battery may be shortened or the device in which the battery is 
used may be damaged by electrolyte leakage. 
Toxicological Information 
(in case of electrolyte leakage from the battery) 
Acute toxicity   
: Oral (rat)    LD50 >2g/kg (estimated) 
: Irritating to eyes and skin. 
: Not specified. 
Chronic toxicity 
: Not specified. 
Ecological Information 
z  In case of the worn-out battery was disposed in land, the battery case may be corroded, and leak electrolyte. 
But, we have no ecological information. 
Heavy metal in battery  : Mercury(Hg) and Cadmium(Cd) are neither contained nor used in battery. 
Disposal Considerations
   (Precautions for recycling) 
z  When the battery is worn out, dispose of it under the ordinance of each local government or the low issued by 
relating government. 
z  Disposal of the worn-out battery may be subjected to Collection and Recycling Regulation. 
Transport Information 
z  Even classified as lithium ion batteries UN3480 or UN3481(Contained in Equipment or Packed with Equipment), 
the product is handled as Non-Dangerous Goods by meeting the UN Recommendations on the Transportation 
of Dangerous Goods Model Regulations Special Provision SP188. (1) 
(a)    For a lithium-ion cell, the Watt-hour rating is not more than 20 Wh; 
(b)    For a lithium-ion battery, the Watt-hour rating is not more than100 Wh.