Behringer C-1U Benutzerhandbuch

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C-1U User Manual
Terminals marked with this symbol 
carry electrical current of sufficient 
magnitude to constitute risk 
of electric shock. Use only high-quality 
commercially-available speaker cables 
with ¼" TS plugs pre-installed. All other 
installation or modification should be 
performed only by qualified personnel.
This symbol, wherever it appears, 
alerts you to the presence of 
uninsulated dangerous voltage 
inside the enclosure - voltage that may be 
sufficient to constitute a risk of shock.
This symbol, wherever it appears, 
alerts you to important operating 
and maintenance instructions in the 
accompanying literature. Please read the manual.
Condenser microphones are 
extremely moisture-sensitive. 
Never use your microphone in close 
proximity to water (e.g. bath tubs, wash basins, 
sinks, washing machines, pools, etc.).
Always use the power 
supply specified in the 
operating instructions.
Take care not to drop your 
microphone as this can lead to 
severe damage. BEHRINGER assumes no liability 
for any damage caused by the user.
After each use, wipe the 
microphone down with a soft cloth 
and place it back into its 
protective casing (included with the 
microphone). The small bag containing the 
moisture-absorbing crystals should remain in 
the casing to help keep your microphone dry.
Never dismount the screen holding 
the capsule, as this can damage 
the microphone! Never try to modify the printed 
circuit board inside your C-1U! This can lead to 
microphone damage that cannot be repaired. 
Any such attempt will void the warranty.
In exceptional cases, external interference 
(e.g. contact and electrostatic discharge) may 
affect the functioning of the unit and result in 
audio or functional impairment. In any such 
case, please disconnect the unit briefly from the 
USB port and restart the application to return to 
normal operation.
The sound quality may diminish within the 
range of powerful broadcasting stations and 
high-frequency sources.  Increase the distance 
between the transmitter and the device and use 
shielded cables for all connections.
Important Safety