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GT-10 Series: Excellent performance on the inside —  
protection against impact, water and dust on the outside
The GT-10 scanner range takes maximum advantage of 
its performance features: versatility, long life and user 
Available in dark grey  
and light grey
High performance
CCD (Charged Coupled Device) technology
•  No moving parts
•  Particularly robust
Excellent scanning performance
•   Long distance scanning in excess of 1 m
thanks to CCD technology
•   Above-average reading speed of 2D
codes (GT-10Q) and bar codes*
•   Easy recognition of even damaged 2D
code labels (GT-10Q)
•  Scanning of broad bar codes
Aiming beam mode (GT-10Q)
•  2D codes (laser beam)
•  Bar codes (laser beam)
•  Only reads the code envisaged by the beam
•   Simultaneous reading of different codes
is possible — on demand up to four 2D
codes can be read at once
*Comparison test when reading up to 150 characters of QR Code