BlueStar RNB366BV2NG Spezifikationenblatt

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The Standard of Excellence Since 1880
Featuring Commercial Cooking Technologies
Genuine Restaurant Ranges for the Home
With over 130 years of experience making cooking equipment, 
and as the leading manufacturer of high-performance 
commercial-style ranges for the home, it is no surprise that 
BlueStar™ makes the finest residential ranges available. 
The unparalleled accuracy of gas surface cooking and the 
versatilityfound in the baking and roasting qualities of our 
convection oven make this an unsurpassed addition to every 
cook's favorite room in the house.
Heavy-duty construction combined with innovative features 
produce an appliance of uncompromising durability, 
functionality, and beauty that will be the focal point of your 
kitchen for years to come!
BlueStar 36" RNB Series
  Extra large oven capacity: 29"W x 20"D x 15"H.
ULTRANOVA™ power burner delivers 22,000 BTUs of 
intense heat.
Accommodates a full-size commercial 18" x 26" baking sheet.
24" depth for compatibility with standard kitchen cabinetry.
Available in 190 colors.
NOVA™, ULTRANOVA™ and Simmer Burners
Our cast iron porcelain-enameled NOVA™ and ULTRANOVA™ top burners are the most versatile burners in the 
industry. The Nova burner provides up to 15,000 BTUs of cooking power. For that extra boost, the ULTRANOVA™ 
delivers an amazing 22,000 BTUs; a rapid boil or superior sauté is never a problem! When using our gentle 130ºF 
simmer feature, delicate sauces and soups are made simple with superior temperature control and flame disbursement.
Convection Oven Cooking
The cavity design of the oven and the convection fan system result in the most complete exchange of air possible. 
This provides incredibly precise, even heat distribution. It provides extra large oven capacity on a 36" range and will 
accommodate a full-size commercial 18" x 26" baking sheet.
Infrared Broiler
Because of its popularity in the commercial market, the direct-fired ceramic infrared broiler is standard on all residential 
ranges. The large burner produces 1850ºF of intense, searing heat close to the burner, while effecting a gentler broiling 
for foods placed farther away. The broiler is fully recessed into the oven's top to create maximum cooking space.
Full Motion Grates
Bring sauce to a boil while stirring on a front burner, then slide it to the rear to simmer while you sauté up front! 
Our full motion grates allow you to easily reposition pots and pans from front to rear burners without lifting. The 
grates are also oversized to accommodate the largest stock pots and sauté pans.
Model RNB364GSS in Cobalt Blue with 
standard 6" Low Profile backguard.