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Spring-Set Disc Brakes
P/N 8-078-924-06
Installation and Service Instructions
for 48,100 Series Brake
s (rev. A)
(Models 1-048-151, 1-048-161 and 1-048-171)
Please read these instructions carefully
before installing, operating, or servicing
your Stearns brake. Failure to comply with
these instructions could cause injury to
personnel and/or damage to property if
the brake is installed or operated
incorrectly. For definition of limited
warranty/liability, contact Rexnord
Industries, Inc., Stearns Division,
5150 S International Drive.,
Cudahy, WI 53110, (414) 272-1100.
1. Installation and servicing must be made
in compliance with all local safety
codes including Occupational Safety
and Health Act (OSHA). All wiring and
electrical connections must comply with
the National Electric Code (NEC) and
local electric codes in effect.
2. Do not install the brake in atmospheres
containing explosive gases or dusts,
corrosive substances, water, oil or dust.
3. To prevent an electrical hazard,
disconnect power source before
working on the brake. If power
disconnect point is out of sight, lock
disconnect in the 
off position and tag to
prevent accidental application of power.
4. Be careful when touching the exterior
of an operating brake. Allow sufficient
time for brake to cool before
disassembly. Surfaces may be hot
enough to be painful or cause injury.
5. Do not operate brake with housing
removed. All moving parts should be
6. After usage, the brake interior will
contain burnt and degraded friction
material dust. This dust must be
removed before servicing or adjusting
the brake.
air hose. It is important to avoid
dispersing dust into the air or inhaling it,
as this may be dangerous to your
a) Wear a filtered mask or a respirator
while removing dust from the inside
of a brake.
b) Use a vacuum cleaner or a soft
brush to remove dust from the brake.
When brushing, avoid causing the
dust to become airborne. Collect the
dust in a container, such as a bag,
which can be sealed off.
7. Installation and servicing should be
performed only by qualified personnel
familiar with the construction and
operation of the brake.
8. For proper performance and operation,
only genuine Stearns parts should be
used for repairs and replacements.
General Description
The 48,100 series is a spring-set,
electrically released disc brake for
controlled stopping and holding of a load.
It has a single-phase solenoid coil for
operation on alternating current only. The
nominal static torque is factory set.
The 48,100 series brake utilizes one
composition friction disc driven by a metal
hub that is fastened to the motor shaft.
Manual release with automatic electrical
reset is provided. Splined hub and friction
disc is standard. Only open enclosure is
When brake is properly wired, starting the
motor will energize the solenoid and
compress the pressure spring. This action
removes the force against the stationary
plate and friction disc and allows the disc
to rotate freely. Stopping the motor will de-
energize the solenoid and restores
Figure 1