Panasonic 700 User Guide

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Chapter 2. Attendant Features
Section 700 - Operation  
DBS Manual - Revised April 2000
Key Bank Hold
(All Versions)
Key bank hold allows a user on a trunk call to initiate another trunk call by 
simply pressing an FF key for another trunk.  When the user presses the FF 
key, the first trunk call is automatically placed on system hold.  
In addition, the attendant can use key bank hold with DSS/BLF keys to 
provide one-touch call transfer to an extension.  For example, if the attendant 
phone has a DSS/BLF key assigned for extension 200, the attendant can 
answer an incoming trunk call and then press the DSS/BLF key to 
automatically transfer the call to 200. 
If key bank hold is turned off, the user must press HOLD before accessing a 
second trunk or transferring a call.  
Related Programming
• FF1 (System): Trunk Line Automatic Hold (Key Bank Hold)
One-Touch VM Transfer
(CPC-AII and CPC-B Version 5.0 or higher)
The VM key can be used by attendants to easily transfer incoming callers to 
an extension’s voice mailbox. Beginning with CPC-B Version 5, when a user 
presses a voice mail key and then presses a DSS/BLF key, the digits 
programmed for the DSS/BLF key are transmitted to the voice mail system.
For example, if an attendant receives an incoming call for station 200 and the 
attendant knows that station 200 is busy because the DSS/BLF key is lit red, 
the attendant can press the VM key and then press the DSS/BLF key to 
automatically transfer the caller to 200’s voice mailbox.
For a general description of the VM key as well as instructions on using the 
key for personal message retrieval, see “One-Touch VM Access” on page 4-
Note: See “Voice Mail Transfer Key” on page 4-98 for a similar transfer key. 
The Voice Mail Transfer Key provides faster operation but may not work with 
some voice mail systems since you do not wait for the Voice Mail system to