Apple ME323LL/A User Manual

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Chapter  30    
Remember your place. Tap   to add a bookmark, or tap again to remove it. You don’t need to 
add a bookmark when you close the book, because iBooks remembers where you left off. You 
can have multiple bookmarks—to see them all, tap 
, then tap Bookmarks.
Remember the good parts. Some books let you add highlights and notes. Double-tap a word to 
select it, move the grab points to adjust the selection, then tap Highlight or Note in the menu 
that appears. To see all the highlights and notes you’ve made, tap 
, then tap Notes.
Share the good parts. Tap some highlighted text, then tap  . If the book is from the iBooks 
Store, a link to the book is included automatically.
Share a link to a book. Tap near the center of a page to display the controls, then tap 
. Tap  , 
then tap Share Book.
Change the way a book looks. Some books let you change the font, font size, and color of the 
page. Tap  . You can change justification and hyphenation in Settings > iBooks. These settings 
apply to all books that support them.
Page color
Page color
Turn off pagination.
Turn off pagination.
Change the brightness. Tap  . If you don’t see  , tap   first.
Organize books
Sort the list.
Sort the list.
View collections.
View collections.
Change views.
Change views.
Organize your books with collections. Tap Edit and select some books to move them into a 
collection. To edit or create collections, tap the name of the current collection (at the top of the 
screen). Some built-in collections, such as PDFs, can’t be renamed or deleted.
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