Apple ME323LL/A User Manual

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Appendix A    
Accessibility Shortcut
Use the Accessibility Shortcut. Press the Home button quickly three times to turn any of these 
features on or off:
Invert Colors
Hearing Aid Control (if you have paired hearing aids)
Guided Access (The shortcut starts Guided Access if it’s already turned on. See 
 on page 141.)
Switch Control
Choose the features you want to control. Go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Accessibility 
Shortcut and select the accessibility features you use.
Not so fast. To slow down the triple-click speed, go to Settings > General > Accessibility > 
Home-click Speed.
VoiceOver describes aloud what appears onscreen, so you can use iPhone without seeing it.
VoiceOver tells you about each item on the screen as you select it. The VoiceOver cursor  
(a rectangle) encloses the item and VoiceOver speaks its name or describes it.
Touch the screen or drag your finger over it to hear the items on the screen. When you select 
text, VoiceOver reads the text. If you turn on Speak Hints, VoiceOver may tell you the name of the 
item and provide instructions—for example, “double-tap to open.” To interact with items, such as 
buttons and links, use the gestures described in 
 on page 130.
When you go to a new screen, VoiceOver plays a sound, then selects and speaks the first item 
on the screen (typically in the upper-left corner). VoiceOver also lets you know when the display 
changes to landscape or portrait orientation, and when the screen becomes locked or unlocked.
Note:  VoiceOver speaks in the language specified in International settings, which may be 
influenced by the Region Format setting in Settings > General > International. VoiceOver is 
available in many languages, but not all.
VoiceOver basics
VoiceOver changes the gestures you use to control iPhone. When VoiceOver is on, 
you must use VoiceOver gestures to operate iPhone—even to turn VoiceOver off.
Turn VoiceOver on or off. Go to Settings > General > Accessibility > VoiceOver, or use the 
Accessibility Shortcut. See 
 on page 127.
Explore. Drag your finger over the screen. VoiceOver speaks each item you touch. Lift your finger 
to leave an item selected.
Select an item:  Tap it, or lift your finger while dragging over it.
Select the next or previous item:  Swipe right or left with one finger. Item order is left-to-right, 
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